Is your program affordable?

Being overweight or obese is expensive. It can negatively affect your health, your self-esteem, your career opportunities, and your social relationships. It can also empty your bank account. Research has shown that individuals who are obese or overweight spend a disproportionate amount of their money on a variety of items including food, clothing, transportation, entertainment, medical care and attempts at wellness when compared to individuals of a healthy weight.

Your program cost will depend on your specific weight loss goals, health needs and lifestyle requirements. Everyone is different. We will always be open and up front about costs – nothing is hidden and there are no contracts to sign. We intentionally set our prices low so weight loss can be an achievable goal for everyone. You will find that as you progress through the program you will be spending less on food, prescription medication and illness-related health care expenses.

Health insurance does not always cover fitness and weight loss treatment. However, certain components are covered by most insurance plans. We would be happy to assist you in verifying coverage with your plan. Also, most people can use their Flexible Spending or Health Savings Account for these services. In addition, your treatment costs may be tax deductible.


Why is exercise so important?

Exercise is not just good for slimming the waistline and improving your endurance.  It is the single most powerful body altering, hormone maximizing, metabolism-stimulating factor in achieving health and longevity.  Its affects are much more effective at preventing chronic disease and treating hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol then prescriptive medications.  Exercise can decrease joint pain and aging by increasing the natural lubricating fluids that bath them.  It increases bone density and prevents osteoporosis and fractures. It greatly reduces the risk of depression.  No other pill, solution, shake or prescription has the ability to change your life like EXERCISE!

Here are some of the documented and researched benefits….


  • Makes your cells and muscles more insulin sensitive.
  • Balances and lowers blood sugar reversing and preventing.
  • Promotes weight loss and loss of belly fat.
  • Regulates your appetite and reduces cravings.
  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Lowers triglycerides and LDL (bad) cholesterol.
  • Raises good cholesterol.
  • Reduces inflammation that causes pain and achiness.
  • Improves fatty liver from excess abdominal fat.
  • Boosts the function of your mitochondria, leading to a faster metabolism and longer life.
  • Improves gene expression, turning ON genes that improve insulin sensitivity and reverse diabetes and weight gain.
  • Normalizes sex hormone function in men and women.
  • Helps correct and prevent erectile dysfunction in men.
  • Improves mood and concentration.
  • Creates and improves connections between brain cells.
  • Increases energy and quality of life.
  • Helps sleep and digestive function.
  • Decreases the risk of depression.