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Premier Fitness & Weight Loss is not a large commercial weight loss franchise like Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers, nor is it part of a chain of large-scale fitness gyms. We cater to those seeking a very personal and individualized experience. People gain weight for different reasons. The programs at Premier Fitness & Weight Loss take into account the differences between individuals. Each weight management and fitness program starts with careful, individualized assessments providing us with the critical information necessary to create your customized plan.

Our approach to weight loss, fitness and health is NOT centered on the latest craze or fad diet. We do not sell supplements or meal replacement products. There are no injections or pharmaceuticals of any kind. So many people have tried one, if not all, of these tactics only to have the weight come back after discontinuation. All of these approaches have the ability to lose weight. However, for long-term weight loss, health and ultimately your satisfaction and happiness, the underlying root of the problem needs to be identified and resolved.

At Premier Fitness & Weight Loss our philosophy is based on a holistic, comprehensive approach to resolving unhealthy weight and fitness issues. Addressing nutrition, physical activity, emotional wellbeing and personal accountability are all paramount to success. Our programs are centered on “Re-Engineering” your lifestyle. We know change is hard! That’s why our programs are so highly interactive. Whether it is through personal fitness training, nutritional counseling, meal planning/preparation classes, support group meetings, sessions with a registered dietician or psychologist specializing in eating behaviors, we will be with you every step of the way on your journey.

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